Certain Uncertainty

The scientists at the "Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt" in Braunschweig, Germany are looking for the materials and technical foundations for the quantum computers of tomorrow.

Quanta - invisible particles, some of their properties per definition indeterminable and yet existent.

Behind the collective term "quantum" hide a number of particles, including electrons, quarks or photons (particles of light). Measurements on these smallest particles known to mankind are barely possible, since not only the quantum would interact with a measuring device or observer to trigger a measurement, but also the measuring device itself does interfere with the quantum. This would irretrievably disrupt the original state of the quantum system.

As in photography, the well-known quantum models can at best depict a part of reality. A part of reality that loses its claim to truth the moment it is depicted.

And yet scientists have always tried to push the boundaries of what is possible, have tried to get a little closer to that, what we call truth.

How can one explore a system that inevitably changes through the presence an observer?

What is the system - What is the viewer?

Is there truth?

Can there be truth?

May there be truth?

Kai Weise, 2023